Friday, November 1, 2013

To Market...

Oh my has it been a busy couple of months! I started designing a new quilt on our vacation back in August. I am a beginner quilter and really wanted to design a challenge quilt that would be a skill builder. While I was sketching and trying to come up with some ideas I drove by this lovely building in Princeton, NJ.

Sorry for the poor photo. We were driving and I apparently didn't even roll down the window to take it.

The building inspired some sketches that I was very excited about. I incorporated several techniques I have never used before.  Anyhow,  I was given the amazing opportunity to team up with Andover Fabrics and the wonderful Alison Glass on a quilt project and I chose to go forward with this design. 

And as if this wasn't exciting enough...these are the fabrics I was lucky enough to work with!

Umm, squeeeee! Aren't they gorgeous! It's Alison Glass's Clover Sunshine (go get it!)

So I made a quilt...

I had never designed a quilt that has so many things going on. I have made 10 quilts (now 11), seven of which were patchwork and the others were either log cabin or some variation of basically squares and rectangles. I really needed to branch out. My quilting was getting stale. This was the ultimate challenge piece for me. It felt like it took forever but was worth every moment! I couldn't be more please with the outcome. I quilted it with straight, close lines that reflected the feather like angles on the front of the quilt (okay, not so straight lines but I tried).

I just love how vibrant the colors are! I used Andover Fabrics Chambray in Natural to pull everything together. I love the Chambray as soft! 

So off to Quilt Market it went...without me (so rude of it! I heard it had a great time too). But really I am so honored and grateful for the opportunity I've been given. To have one of my quilts displayed at Market is so crazy! And even more fun was using the Clover Sunshine collection. 

My quilt at Market! Eeeek! Photo courtesy of Bryanhousequilts

And the greatest part....I am creating a pattern! It will be shipping early to mid- december, and it is already available for pre-order in my shop! Yay!


  1. It is so BEAUTIFUL:)! How much clover sunshine did you use? Would a fat quarter of each print be enough? I have looked at the pattern requirements, however I wonder if there is less variety in the pattern as sold, than in your original, and as such if less yardage of each print might work?

    1. Hi Christina! Its been so long since I made the original with Clover Sunshine that I am not sure how much of each I used. If you follow the pattern requirements you may have some leftovers but we tried to get it as close as possible, leaving a bit of room for error, so that there would be as little waste as possible. All requirements were recalculated when we created the actual pattern. Hope this helps! Happy sewing!