Monday, March 2, 2015

Pattern Portfolio

This week I am so happy to release my newest pattern, the Pattern Portfolio!

The inspiration for this pattern comes from my strange, and lets be honest, nerdy love for pretty office and organizational supplies. In an effort to keep my sewing and office spaces clutter free, I am always tucking papers and patterns into file folders and bins to keep them at arms reach without feeling cluttered. I also work outside of my home, often trying to find a quiet spot at a coffee shop or library, so having portable organizers are also helpful. But not all files and folders and bins are pretty. And often, if they are, they are pricey! The Pattern Portfolio is my solution to this little problem...a pretty solution!

I've made several so far, and there are many more are to come! They are so perfect for WIP patterns and all of those little pattern pieces. They are also so great for organizing my paperwork and bills (okay, not fun stuff but a lovely folder certainly makes it a little more enjoyable to stuff them into files).

I love the old portfolio look too! And the button closures are a super fun way to add a little more creativity to your portfolio. I love pretty buttons!