Monday, March 2, 2015

Pattern Portfolio

This week I am so happy to release my newest pattern, the Pattern Portfolio!

The inspiration for this pattern comes from my strange, and lets be honest, nerdy love for pretty office and organizational supplies. In an effort to keep my sewing and office spaces clutter free, I am always tucking papers and patterns into file folders and bins to keep them at arms reach without feeling cluttered. I also work outside of my home, often trying to find a quiet spot at a coffee shop or library, so having portable organizers are also helpful. But not all files and folders and bins are pretty. And often, if they are, they are pricey! The Pattern Portfolio is my solution to this little problem...a pretty solution!

I've made several so far, and there are many more are to come! They are so perfect for WIP patterns and all of those little pattern pieces. They are also so great for organizing my paperwork and bills (okay, not fun stuff but a lovely folder certainly makes it a little more enjoyable to stuff them into files).

I love the old portfolio look too! And the button closures are a super fun way to add a little more creativity to your portfolio. I love pretty buttons!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Timber QAL

Hi everyone! It has been such a long, long time since I have posted in this space. I've never been really good about keeping this blog updated but one of my goals for this year is to change that. I already have several tutorials ready to post and I will get to that, but for today, I am excited to share some fun news with you!

Alison Glass, Nicole Daksiewicz and I are working on a Timber Quilt-along! This excites me so much because just a year and half ago I made the original Timber quilt for Quilt Market. At the time I had no idea that it would make it this far. I had the desire to write a pattern for it, but I had no idea where to start. Thanks so much to Alison, together we were able to make that little pattern dream of mine come true. And we've received such a great response to it. So here are a few quick details for the Timber QAL:

1. Nicole, of will be your QAL host. She will be sharing more details, block tips and pictures of the completely awesome quilt that she will be making along with all of you on her blog.

2. You can also find more details at on her blog.

3. You can purchase the Timber Quilt pattern at many online shops, I have a few available in my shop  or where you can purchase the printed version or the PDF. The printed pattern is beautiful and Alison ships it anywhere in the US for free (international shipping is $1). Alison has also listed two kits, one to make Timber the way it is pictured on the cover of the pattern (pictured above) using Kona Solids and the other kit to make it using her new Sunprint collection like Nicole.

4. Most importantly! The QAL will start on March 2, 2015! Again, please visit for more important details and to take part in it.

I will be making a Timber Quilt along with everyone as well! And I am so very excited because I will be using a beautiful selection of Liberty fabrics which I think will work wonderfully with this pattern.

Aren't these fabulous!?! I'll be using white and creamy solids to compliment the floral prints. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @jamie_naughton to see my progress. 

Remember to check out Nicole's blog for more details and to see the beautiful fabrics that she will be using to make her Timber Quilt! Also, follow her on Instagram at @modernhandcraft for loads of inspiration. If you don't already follow Alison Glass on Instagram she is at @alisonglass and her pictures are also super inspirational!

Happy quilting!!!