Tuesday, August 20, 2013

For the shop...maybe

I have had a few fun projects going over the summer that I had intentions of sharing in this space. If you follow my instagram, you have likely already seen much of what I am going to be posting in the next week or two. So, sorry. But bear with me and we'll get to some stuff that is new for all.

Back at the end of the school year Ro and I made some little zippered clutches for her to give as teacher gifts. I wasn't sure if her teachers knew that they were handmade but I didn't want to sound braggy and make a big deal of how I made them and they took forever (cause everything does with children around). But a couple of weeks ago we ran into one of her teachers and she was carrying the clutch that we gifted her. So yay! they liked them! Well at least one of them did. And she noted that she knew that I had made it. Great!

This led to the grand idea that I should make some more clutches, in varying sizes, to sell in an etsy shop which I would actually have to create. So I got started, made some clutches, created a shop, designed a mediocre banner and cut more fabric. And, then, stopped.

Now, I could get into how long my to-do list is and how I have two kids and yadayadayada. But really, I just haven't made the time to finish things up. So by posting this I am hoping to create the pressure I need to get back to it. Being that I do not have a single reader at this point (hahaha) it may not work...but it's out there! We'll see.

Here are several images that I have gotten so far

Maybe I will even get a tutorial up...


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